Randy Quaid Just “Went There” With Kamala Harris…and He’s Not the Least Bit Sorry

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The gloves are off.

Today was a really pivotal day – a “game-changer” if you will – where we watched in real-time as the Big Tech oligarchs circle the wagons on behalf of Joe Biden and his rotten campaign.

A massive bombshell story broke, revealing Hunter and Joe’s ties to the Ukrainian scandal via damning emails. We also saw some really embarrassing photos of Hunter, one where he was passed out with a crack pipe in his mouth.

It seems like today, everything was laid out on the table for all to see. No more pretenses and phony “non-partisan” schtick from Big Tech and media.

So, it was only fitting that pro-Trump actor Randy Quaid did the same thing and called out Kamala Harris for the scumbag that she is.


That’s what he called her and it was glorious and true.

Randy took to Twitter, where he unleashed his truth bomb.

Here’s what he said: “Can’t wait to see the Honorable Amy v Kamala — brilliant judicial angel v giggly scumbag prosecutor. ”

“I don’t like calling someone a “scumbag”, but when they maliciously prosecute, over reach and leave innocent people to rot in jail, ignore exonerating evidence, civil criticism just seems inadequate.”

The Dems have made it clear that they will do ANYTHING to win in November. Losing is not an option for them. So, it’s time to take off the “nice guy” hat, and put on your warrior helmet, and fight.

Trust me, there will be plenty of time to be nice after we win.

Now, let’s go kick some scumbag butt!


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